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CHY 200

Organic Chemistry

This course is intended for Food and Nutrition students. This is an introductory course which is based on the mechanistic approach to the study of organic reactions, and includes functionality, IUPAC nomenclature, structural and steroisomerism, oxidation and reduction, nucleophilic additions, nucleophilic substitutions, eliminations, electrophilic additions of aliphatic compounds. The laboratory introduces basic organic laboratory techniques such as melting point, recrystallization, extraction, and distillation. Also included is synthesis, isolation and purification of organic compounds.
Weekly Contact: Lab: 1.5 hrs. Lecture: 3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


CHY 123




CHY 142, CHY 224, CHY 152

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