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Minor in Family Supports and Community Practice

The Minor in Family Supports and Community Practice is designed to focus on the theme of the Family in Community Context and the methods of Interdisciplinary Practice.

Administered by: School of Early Childhood Studies and the School of Nutrition

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Required course (1):

CLD 435 Theory and Practice of Family Support

Plus five (5) of the following*:

CLD 332 Families in Canadian Context II
CLD 447 Equity Issues in Ontario ECE
CLD 448 Childhood in a Global Context
CLD 449 Research in ECE Lab Schools
CYC 800 Intensive In-Home Family Support
FNP 400 Interprofessional Placement
DST 99A/B** Applied Community Project/Thesis
FNY 403 Food Security Concepts and Principles
INT 900 Program Planning and Evaluation Strategies
CYC 705  Special Topics: Program Evaluation
INT 901 Gerontology: Critical Issues and Future Trends
INT 902 Disability Issues
  (or DST 501 Rethinking Disability)
INT 904 Health Promotion and Community Development
INT 905 Conflict Resolution in Community Services
INT 906 Sexuality: Power and Pleasure
  (or FNF 400 The Social Context of Human Sexuality)
INT 907 Team Work for Community Services
INT 908 Homelessness in Canadian Society
INT 910 Indigenous Peoples, Pol and Reconciliation
INT 911 International Community Development
INT 912 Community Development: International Field Experience
POL 106 The Politics of Human Needs
POL 501 Women, Power and Politics
POL 511 Well-being and Opportunity in Canada
SOC 108 Indigenous Peoples and Decolonization
SOC 203 Social Class and Inequality
SOC 501 Making a Living: Sociology of Work
SOC 502 Violence and the Family
  (or SWP 923 Family Violence)
SOC 507 Race and Ethnicity in Canadian Society
SOC 603 Sociology of Gender
SOC 605 Families: Difference and Diversity
SOC 606 Work and Families in the 21st Century
SOC 701 Social Change: Canadian Perspectives
SOC 703 Women, Power and the Global South
SWP 435 Aboriginal Approaches to Social Work

* Early Childhood Studies students may take a maximum of two CLD-prefix courses from the elective list.
** DST 99A/B is a multi-term course that will be credited only as a single-term course toward the Minor.

Please see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.