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Minor in Disability Studies

The Minor in Disability Studies allows students to explore key issues and debates related to disability. Starting from the perspectives of disabled and mad people, courses highlight advocacy, social transformation and equity. Curriculum is intended to build expertise around accessibility, ethics, law, arts, literature, design, technology, health, social care, rights and justice. Students are encouraged to build a minor that complements and extends their discipline.

Administered by: School of Disability Studies

Exclusions: This minor is not available to students in the following programs:

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

One* (1) of the following:

DST 501 Rethinking Disability
INT 902 Disability Issues
SWP 921 Disability Issues Social Work Practice

A minimum of three (3) courses from the following:

DST 300 Whose Lives Matter?
DST 500 History of Madness
  (or DST 504† Mad People's History)
DST 502 Disability and the State
DST 503 Current Topics in Disability I
DST 506 Principles and Practices of Accessibility
DST 507** Disability, Justice and Good Human Life
  (or PHL 507** Ethics and Disability)
DST 508 Cripping the Arts in Canada 
DST 509 Crip Culture in Canada 
DST 525 Disability, Representation/s and Culture
DST 603 Law and Disability
DST 604 Current Topics in Disability II
DST 605 Sexuality, Desire and Disability
DST 613 Strategies for Community Building
DST 614 Community, Access and Technology
DST 725 The Politics and Practice of Interventions
DST 727 Leadership Practices for Changing Times
INT 921 Writing Bodies Differently

A maximum of two (2) courses from the following:

NOTE: Courses are grouped by topic to help guide course selection.


SWP 905 Criticl. Appr. to Mental Health and Madness
SWP 931 Human Rights for Social Workers
SWP 950 Fat Studies and Fat Activism
SWP 938 Innovative Organizing in Precarious Times


CLD 445 Inclusion and Consultation
CLD 315 Creative Arts II
CLD 241 Children with Disabilities
CLD 447 Equity Issues in Ontario ECE
CLD 206 Language Development


PSY 102 Introduction to Psychology I
PSY 202 Intro to Psychology II
PSY 302 Child Development
PSY 808 Community Psychology


CYC 602 Children's Rights
CYC 900 Diversity Issues for Children and Youth


FNF 100 Families and Health
FNY 403 Food Security Concepts and Principles


CRM 402 Criminal justice and Social Inequity
CRM 205 Gender, Sexuality and the Law


GEO 627 Accessibility of Urban Social Services 


PPA 319 Politics of Work and Labour
PPA 125†† Rights Equity and the State
POG 315†† Equity and Human Rights in Canada


ASL 101 Introductory American Sign Language 1
ASL 201 Introductory American Sign Language Il
ASL 301 Intermediate American Sign Language 1
ASL 401 Intermediate American Sign Language II


ENH 121 Environment Health Law
ENH 712 Health Education
OHS 477 Disability Management
OHS 516 Ergonomics
POH 201 Determinants of Health


SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 107 Sociology of the Everyday
SOC 300 Sociology of Equity and Diversity

*Only one of DST 501, INT 902 and SWP 921 can be used toward the Minor.

** Only of DST 507 and PHL 507 one can be used toward the Minor.

† Only one of DST 500 or DST 504 can be used toward the Minor.

†† Only one of PPA125 or POG315 can be used toward the Minor.

Please see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.