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CVL 601

Wastewater Engineering

Wastewater collection: sewer system components, design of sanitary sewers, system layout and flow hydraulics. Sewage treatment: primary, secondary, tertiary processes. Wastewater microbiology: microorganism classification, population dynamics, kinetics of decomposition. Unit processes of secondary treatment: trickling filters, activated sludge, rotating biological contactors. Sludge management, treatment, and ultimate disposal. Experimental laboratory work involving sedimentation model, chemical treatment: coagulation and flocculation, nutrients, biochemical oxygen demand, and microscopic analyses of sludge.
Weekly Contact: Lab: 1 hr. Lecture: 3 hrs. Tutorial: 1 hr.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


CEN 199, CVL 400, CVL 501





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