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Undergraduate Roadmap

Below is a roadmap of our four-year degree with the various Options and Minors you can take.

In the last three years of the program, you may direct your studies by selecting courses from one of nine options. Four of these options are discipline-based, and five are interdisciplinary (i.e. many disciplines).

A minor is an opportunity for a student to explore a secondary area of undergraduate study either for personal interest beyond a student's degree program, or as an area of specific expertise related to the student's degree program that will serve the student's career choice.

Every student at Ryerson who is enrolled in an undergraduate degree program must complete Liberal Studies. Students in the ACS program must complete 3 lower (TABLE A) and 3 upper (TABLE B) liberal studies.

All ACS students must complete a Capstone credit in order to graduate.

Capstone courses are taken, usually, during the last year of study. Students may take a capstone course in third year if they feel prepared to do so.

Three students work together on one laptop.

RAMSS Support

Students should frequently run an Advisement Report located on RAMSS. 

Please visit RAMSS Support for detailed instruction on viewing your Advisement Report.