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Students in Arts and Contemporary Studies (ACS) are eligible for a variety of academic scholarships and awards.

TMU offers many scholarships and awards, some of which are awarded automatically, and some of which require an application.

Faculty of Arts - Dean’s List

The Dean's List recognizes undergraduate students' high academic achievement in an academic year. In June of each academic year, students enrolled in undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Arts who met the academic criteria outlined below will receive a Letter of Congratulations from the Dean. The Dean's List recognition is noted on a student's transcript.

To be eligible for consideration for the Dean's List, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students in full-time programs must be carrying an average unit load of over 4.0 for the two terms.
  2. Students in part--time programs must have completed a specified number of courses deemed by the Dean to be the equivalent of a full year of study in the program in which the student is registered.
  3. Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.67 for the academic year (Fall and Winter terms).
  4. Students must have all passing grades and a Clear academic standing for both terms. They cannot have received any Disciplinary Notices (DN) while at Ryerson.

More awards

ACS Semester Grants

The CPG is awarded to an ACS student who has been invited to present at a National or International Conference. The successful candidate will submit a short description of their research paper in context of the conference, a budget, and the conference acceptance letter (complete with dates, location, and title presentation.)

Adjudication of the award will be based on quality of the research and the interdisciplinary nature of the conference.

The IEG is awarded to an ACS student who is taking initiative or is actively participating in an international opportunity. International experiences provide participants with a global outlook, enhanced intercultural and language skills and an opportunity to become increasingly self-reliant. It is anticipated that this will expand opportunities for students’ involvement in international work experience activities that contribute to their academic, professional and personal development.  This grant excludes formal "Exchanges".

The successful candidate will submit a summary of their international experience (either expected or completed), a budget and the acceptance letter, (complete with dates and location). Students will also provide a plan detailing how their experiences abroad will open up opportunities to engage and give back in their own community.

This prize rewards excellence in design-based projects submitted for course assignments. Eligible projects may take forms such as games, online projects, photographic essays, or 3D objects. The award recognizes the changing formats of scholarly research/production and seeks to encourage our students in their pursuit of non-traditional expressions of research and creation. Award will be $150.

Requirements: Qualifying items must have received a grade of A or A+; unmarked/clean copies of submissions must be accompanied by:

  1. A cover sheet giving the project's title, student's name and TMU student number, the course name and number and the term/year in which it was submitted, and the grade received;
  2. A brief overview of the research issue addressed by the project, its relevance to the course, and the tools/technology/methodology used to produce the project (300 words, double-spaced, maximum);
  3. A brief recommendation from the student's instructor/supervisor (250 words maximum); and,
  4. Any necessary instructions for viewing, using, accessing the projects. Online projects must provide a URL at which the project can be accessed by the award committee.

If you have done something creative and are not sure if your project qualifies, please email a brief description of your work to and we will happily help direct you.

ACS Term Awards

Each semester, students with the top GPA will earn an award.