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Exhibition: DAS Community Building

December 10, 2020
6:30 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
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Despite its large commuter population, DAS has inculcated a strong sense of community both bounded by the walls of 325 Church Street and beyond. Students are empowered with the ability to design, detail, and deliver built projects, supported by the design challenges and opportunities in the community and the department. The exhibition showcases select student work over the years which have served to define DAS community building within the student community, the Toronto artistic community, and the surrounding communities facing a myriad of challenges.

The projects demonstrate more than innovations in digital design, fabrication techniques, materials research, and logistics control; they showcase students provoking the status quo in bringing their ideas to a built reality.

Works will be displayed from initial renderings through to completed construction. Projects included in the exhibition range from virtual concepts and single evening installations through to renovations and permanent pavilions.  Though the projects exhibited are quite diverse, they share three common qualities: they reinforce the strength of DAS students, they connect to a community beyond the department, and they foster a sense of community among its students.