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TMU Application

The Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) Application is available to current and former TMU students, as well as applicants to part-time programs only and for those applying to be Special Students.

  • Re-instatement: Students who were Required To Withdraw (RTW) after September 2008 and are seeking reinstatement within 24 months of their RTW date must request reinstatement through their Program Department. Otherwise, students who are applying for reinstatement after suspension must do so through Undergraduate Admissions on a TMU Application. Students who have voluntarily left their program or have been discontinued must also apply for readmission through Undergraduate Admissions on a TMU Application.
  • Changing Plans (Majors): If you are a current student in a TMU undergraduate program that offers a choice of Program Plans (majors), you may be able to request a Plan Change (e.g. BA English to BA Sociology). Review the Program Overview and curriculum information for your program in the Undergraduate Calendar and consult your program department to determine if your program is eligible. Many programs allow you to change your Program Plan on The MyServiceHub. Login to The MyServiceHub, select ‘My Academics’, and follow the links. The MyServiceHub Support website also provides detailed instructions on how to change your plan/major. You can also use the PDF filePlan Change Request Form.

If you want to switch a different program (e.g. Business Management to Business Technology Management) you must apply to the other program by submitting a TMU Application (linked at the bottom of this page) and TMU Supplementary Form.

Information on how previously completed TMU courses would apply toward your new program requirements is available on the Internal Course Transfers page.

Submission of Transcripts and Supporting Documents

Once you have received an email acknowledgement of your application from TMU, you should begin the process of submitting your transcripts and supporting documents. If you previously applied to a TMU Undergraduate degree program and did not enrol, you must resubmit all required documents. Review the Document Submission instructions for information on what documents are required and how to submit them.

  • The TMU Application has a fee of $90 and a maximum of two (2) program choices.

If you have read and agreed to these instructions, proceed: