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Frequently Asked Questions

Current university/college students in their final semester of study and post-secondary graduates are eligible to apply for ADaPT Core. Non-TMU (formerly Ryerson University) students and alumni are eligible to apply.

ADaPT offers several streams, which all differ slightly in eligibility criteria.

More info on our about page.


Admission into the ADaPT program is competitive. Applications will be evaluated based on academic and professional achievements, as well as personal motivation.

Applications are now open!

1. Confirm that you meet our eligibility criteria.

Applicants must be a post-secondary student in their final semester of study OR a post-secondary graduate. Both undergraduate and graduate students/alumni are welcome to apply. Non-TMU (fomerly Ryerson University) students and alumni are also eligible for ADaPT.

2. Complete the application.

3. If you are selected for an interview, our team will contact you to schedule a 15-20 minute virtual meeting via Zoom.

4. Following the interview, we will inform you via email if you have been selected to join ADaPT. Successful candidates will be provided with onboarding and orientation materials.

We thank all applicants for their interest. If you require any accessibility accommodations during this process, please let us know.


You can work full time and take part in ADaPT, as long as your employment does not pose a barrier to your completion of workshops or modules. If you participate in the Virtual Classroom (instructor-led) stream, you will be required to be present (virtually) during those workshops. We aim to schedule these workshops during evenings and weekends. 

To participate in ADaPT, a time commitment of about 10 hours per week is required. Email us at for more details.

Please note, training delivery modes (Online & Virtual Classroom) are chosen for participants at random.

The placement can start at any time before, during or after the ADaPT training. The start and end dates will be mutually agreed upon by the participant and the employer based on the scope of the project.

For participants in the Virtual Classroom (instructor-led) stream, workshops are scheduled on one weekday evening and one day on the weekend. For participants in the Online (self-directed) stream, there is some flexibility around your learning times within a suggested schedule. Please note that online modules must be completed by a communicated deadline to receive a digital badge and certificate of completion.

Please note, training delivery modes are chosen for participants at random.

No, completing the ADaPT workshops and training will not guarantee that you will be placed.

ADaPT provides participants with an opportunity to compete for a paid work placement. ADaPT participants are expected to actively participate in the internship-seeking and interview process in order to ensure the best employment match for their skills and interests.

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