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About SMIF

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ted Rogers School of Management Student-managed Portfolio Trust (SMPT) is to complement student in-class knowledge with real-life learning in equity research, analysis, selection and management through hands-on experience with a real-money portfolio.

Investment Objective

The investment objective is to generate a reasonable long-term return on the Fund’s assets at suitable investment risks. A reasonable long-term return is a long-term rate of return equal to or greater than the return on an appropriate benchmark index on a risk-adjusted basis and after trading costs.

It is understood that the return on financial assets is subject to various uncertainties inherent in the likely performance of the firm, the financial markets in particular and in the economy in general. Therefore, a certain level of risk (i.e., suitable investment risks) must be assumed in order to achieve reasonable risk-adjusted long-term return objectives. Nevertheless, the Fund will include a wide range of investments in order to control risk. The overall Beta of the Fund will be between .8 and 1.2, and no single investment will have a Beta above 2.0.

overall Beta of the Fund will be between

.8 and 1.2