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Writing Your Test

The Accommodated Test Centre is open and can support both in-person and remote tests.

Here's what you can expect when you come to the Test Centre to write your in-person tests and exams.

  • Students should arrive and check-in at the Accommodated Test Centre at least 15 minutes prior to a quiz, test or midterm, and 30 minutes prior to final exams.
  • Students must bring a valid photo identification card (One Card) and present it to the invigilator upon arrival at their testing location. Photo identification will remain on the desk during the course of an examination with the Test Centre.
  • Access to the Accommodated Test Centre is restricted to students scheduled to write tests and exams and the invigilation staff supervising the Test Centre.
  • The invigilator will assign the seat at which a student will sit while writing the test/exam.
  • Students may not leave the test/exam room within the first 30 minutes after the test/exam has commenced.
  • When the conclusion of a test/exam is announced, students must stop writing and refrain from adding information to, erasing information from, or otherwise altering the test/exam.
  • All test/exam materials must be submitted before leaving the Test Centre.
  • Students may not leave the test/exam room within the first 30 minutes after the test/exam has commenced.
  • The Test Centre will not compensate students for time lost due to late arrival. 
  • In the case of late arrival of more than 30 minutes for a test/exam, the student will not be permitted to write without instructor approval. The Test Centre cannot guarantee that contact information will be available, or that the instructor will answer their phone/email. Should the Test Centre not be able to contact the instructor, students will be instructed to follow up with their instructor for next steps.
  • If a student misses a test/exam due to emergency, illness, error, or oversight, the student must contact the instructor immediately. The Accommodated Test Centre is not responsible for follow-up with the student or instructor concerning a missed test/exam.
  • Medically necessary food will be permitted in the Accommodated Test Centre. Any food brought into the Accommodated Test Centre must be scent free and nut free and also must be stored in a clear plastic bag and presented to an invigilator for inspection.
  • Invigilators will ask students to place coats, bags, books and other personal belongings (including any electronic devices, such as a cell phone) in an area designated by the Test Centre.
  •  During the writing of a test/exam, students are permitted only materials that are expressly authorized by the course instructor(s). 

The Test Centre is not responsible for any lost, stolen, broken, or items left behind in the examination site.

  • The Test Centre upholds all University Senate Policies related to Academic Integrity, Tests & Exams, and Academic Accommodations (Policy 60, Policy 135, Policy 145, Policy 159).
  • Students are expected to comply with instructions given by the invigilator or staff members of the Accommodated Test Centre.
  • Civil behaviour is expected at all times. Behaving in a verbally or physically abusive, demeaning, threatening, or intimidating manner toward the invigilator or other Test Centre staff may be subject to consequences outlined in the  (PDF file) Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct (Policy 61).
  • Impersonation for the purpose of writing a test/exam will be deemed an academic offence.
  • In the case of emergency (i.e., fire alarms etc.), students are expected to follow the directions of an invigilator and evacuate the exam room in an orderly manner.
  • Students are prohibited from obtaining assistance that compromises the integrity of a test/exam being written the university. This includes students who have, in their possession, unauthorized materials or any electronic devices. Remember: “It’s not just a cell phone, it’s an unauthorized aid.”
  • Recording any answers prior to the commencement of a test/exam is not permitted.
  • During the writing of a test/exam, students are not permitted to communicate with anyone except the invigilator.  Test Centre invigilators cannot answer any content related questions regarding the test/exam being written.
  • In case of a personal need of any sort (e.g., illness, washroom), the student must inform an invigilator and request assistance or permission to leave the exam room. Please note: Only one student will be permitted to use the washroom at a time.