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Implementing Common Accommodations

AAS assigns a wide variety of accommodations to reasonably and appropriately meet each student’s unique needs. Some accommodations address a large number of disability impacts, so they may appear more frequently on students’ accommodation plans. The information provided here is designed as a guide for instructors when implementing those more typical accommodations. 

There is sometimes overlap between students’ need for academic accommodations and their use of academic consideration. Students with disabilities are still expected to adhere to the processes outlined in both policies. Click the Accommodation vs. Consideration button in the Quick Links menu (right) to learn more. 

Check out the Faculty Accommodated Tests webpage for information about setting up in-person and virtual tests and exams

Some students may have accommodations for a memory aid, such as a formula sheet or memory cue sheet. Students using this accommodation will schedule and write their in-person tests in the Accommodated Test Centre. Follow all Test Centre procedures for confirming and uploading the test after the student has booked. 

Memory Cue Sheet Guidelines:

  • Single side of 8”x11” page
  • Includes coded memory “cues”, such as acronyms, lists, images, etc…
  • Does not include verbatim course content

See a  (google doc) memory cue sheet example. (external link, opens in new window) 

Formula Sheet Guidelines:

  • Single side of 8”x11” page.
  • Unelaborated/expanded and unlabelled root formulas.

If a student in your course requires a memory aid for a quiz, test or exam:

  1. They are expected to send you their draft at least 3 business days prior to their test. 
  2. Review the submitted memory aid for adherence to the guidelines.
  3. Provide specific feedback informing revisions, if needed.
  4. Approve the aid with an email message or by signing and dating the hard copy.
  5. Upload the approved memory aid on the AAS Faculty Portal (with the test file) or email the aid to

If a student’s aid is not approved and they still choose to use it:

The Test Centre will email you to indicate the potential breach of academic integrity, in accordance with Senate Policy 60 and Policy 135. The unauthorised aid will be included in the test material returned to you. 

Students with an accommodation for extensions on assignments may request an extension if they need one due to disability-related impacts.

If a student in your course requires an extension:

  1. Consider the request in good faith. Students cannot be expected to disclose personal or medical information in order to apply this accommodation.
  2. Respond to student extension requests within a reasonable time period.
  3. Evaluate the request with respect to course structure, as well as administrative deadlines, essential requirements, and academic integrity.
  4. Approve the request or negotiate a revised submission date.

Please visit the Peer Note-Taking webpage for more information about this accommodation.

Please visit the Audio Recording webpage for more information about this accommodation.

All Test Centre practices and procedures are aligned with and uphold relevant Senate policies:

For more information, or to discuss accommodations not listed here, contact the Student Accommodation Facilitator listed on the student’s accommodation plan.