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Accessibility (AODA) Training for Employees

All employees of Toronto Metropolitan University, including faculty, instructors, staff, volunteers, contractors, those who develop policies, practices, and procedures related to provision of services, and any other person that interacts with people on the university's behalf, are required by law to complete accessibility training.

How to access training on D2L Brightspace

Step 1

Log into and click on “Your courses in D2L Brightspace”.


Step 2

Click on Accessibility (AODA) at Toronto Metropolitan University under My Courses.

Note: If you are enrolled in 13 or more courses, you may not see these mandatory courses listed. Instructions on how to locate these courses can be found by clicking on “More about ‘My Courses’” which is located to the right of the “My Courses” widget.

Step 3

Click on “Content” to advance to the eLearning Table of Contents.

Frequently asked questions

All employees of Toronto Metropolitan University, including faculty, staff, teaching assistants, research assistants, CUPE instructors, Chang School instructors, executives, as well as volunteers, contractors, and any other person that interacts with people on the university's behalf, are required to complete accessibility training.

In addition, anyone who participates in developing policies, procedures and practices on the provision of goods and services by the university must also complete the training.

The standard requires that the training be provided to new employees as soon as practicable after beginning work. As a policy, the university requires that training be completed within two weeks of starting work or earlier where appropriate, for example, if work period is less than two weeks. This requirement is included in standard letters of offer.

This training should be considered in line with other regular job duties. As such, training should be completed during work time.

While all organizations covered by AODA must have the same components included in their training, the training is customized as it applies to the services provided by individual organizations. Therefore everyone must complete the Accessibility/AODA training as it is specific to our university.

The Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation requires that training be provided on an ongoing basis in connection with changes to the policies, practices and procedures governing the provision of “goods or services” to persons with disabilities. The remaining standards of the AODA have been rolled out since the initial training was launched in 2010 and various legislative updates to AODA have taken place. These additions and changes are reflected in the content of the new training and includes new resources which will provide a broader perspective in advancing inclusion within Toronto Metropolitan University. Therefore any updated university wide training needs to be completed by all employees, volunteers and contractors.

The eLearning is designed to provide thorough and comprehensive training so that employees, volunteers and contractors can ensure the accessibility of the university’s services. There may be some situations, however, where the full training is not required. For example, if a caterer is hired for one evening event only, they would not need to complete the eLearning. In such situations, contact for the training summary for short term employees.

If you are a volunteer or contractor working at the university but not employed by the university, please contact to discuss appropriate AODA training alternatives.

Yes, all student employees are required to complete accessibility training. If you cannot find Accessibility (AODA) at Toronto Metropolitan University under your courses in D2L Brightspace, please contact

A certificate will automatically be generated shortly after completing all modules. You must score 100% on all quizzes to be eligible for a certificate. Please note it may take a few minutes for the award to show.

To download a PDF copy of your certificate, navigate to the “Awards” section within the course. Click on “Accessibility (AODA) at Toronto Metropolitan University Certification” and a pop-up containing a “Generate Certificate” button will appear.


If you have any questions about the training or require access, please contact

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