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Teaching Academic Integrity

Faculty members have an important role when it comes to promoting Academic Integrity at Toronto Metropolitan University. As faculty, you set the example and model the behaviours inherent in Academic Integrity. From the first class and throughout the academic year, your actions not only influence students, but send a message to students, teaching assistants and the university community about our commitment to the standards and expectations of the university.

Student Learning Support (SLS) provides free workshops and one­-on­-one support to assist students to develop the knowledge and skills required for academic success. Support areas include:

  • Academemic Accommodation Support
  • English Language Support
  • Graduate Student Support
  • Math Support
  • Study Skills and Transition Support
  • Writing Support

For more information or to find registration information visit the Student Life and Learning Support website.

University Library & Archives (RULA) provides free workshops and online tutorials for students and faculty/instructors. For more information visit the RULA workshops information page.

Promote Academic Integrity and Policy 60 education through game play with the AIO's new resource: Academic Integrity in Space!  Students go head-to-head with Captain Plague and the League of the Unearned to learn about academic integrity  and to earn certificates from the planets Ethica, Originon, and Independus.

Watch the video introduction here:, external link

Play the game here:, opens in new window

Course Integration

We encourage you to incentivize student engagement by offering participation marks to students who earn certificates from all three planets.  Follow the directions below to import the assignment into your D2L course shell.  The assignment introduces students to the game and provides them with a mechanism for uploading their certificates for verification.

  1. Download the assignment zip file to your computer
    1. archive file
  2. Import the assignment
    1. Go to “Course admin” → “Import/Export/Copy Components”
    2. Select “Import component”
    3. Drag and drop the “Academic_Integrity_in_Space_D2L” zip file
    4. Click on “Import all components” and close when complete
  3. Edit the assignment
    1. Go to “Assessment” → “Assignments”
    2. Open the menu next to the assignment and click on “Edit assignment”
    3. Assign point value (we recommend 3 points--1 for each certificate earned)
    4. Create a grade book item

Tutorial Episodes

Students can learn about Policy 60 and Academic Integrity through animated episodes that explore some of the challenges students face with respect to academic integrity.  The episodes also model strategies and problem solving to help students avoid academic misconduct in the future.

Students can access the episodes and online quizzes on the Tutorials webpage. 

Incorporating Tutorial Episodes & Quizzes into D2L

Alternatively, you can import the episode quizzes to your D2L course shell and linke it with Grade Book. If you'd like to import the quizzes to D2L, please follow the instructions below:  

  1. Download the AI Quiz file to your computer. The zip file contains an exported D2L Brightspace quiz.
  2. Log in to D2L as Instructor and select a course.
  3. Click “Course Admin,” and then “Import/Export/Copy Components.”
  4. Click “Import Components,” and then “Start.”
  5. Browse to the zip file you just downloaded, and select it. Click “Import All Components.”
  6. Click “View Content.”

The imported quiz will be available in the Assessments > Quizzes area of the course.

archive fileDownload Quiz #1 for D2L Brightspace

archive fileDownload Quiz #2 for D2L Brightspace

archive fileDownload Quiz #3 for D2L Brightspace

archive fileDownload Quiz #4 for D2L Brightspace

archive fileDownload Quiz #5 for D2L Brightspace